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I’m a Canadian photographer based in Milton. I’m surrounded by incredible trails through woodlands embraced by the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario. It’s a setting that suits me perfectly as an avid lover of the outdoors. My creative journey began with childhood dreams of being a "starving artist". Who doesn't love Bob Ross? I dabbled in realist painting which evolved into abstract expressionism. I've always been fascinated with the interaction of colour, light and texture. That became my focus at Ontario College of Art, or OCAD as it's known now. 

I worked professionally as a graphic designer for over a decade, but I was always intimidated by getting behind a camera. I picked up my first camera in 2018 to photograph my dog as many of us do! And it's been a fierce passion ever since. The interplay of light, colour and composition captured in-camera, combined with the technical wizardry of post-processing leads to the final printed product. A beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors and share the beauty that exists each day when we slow down to take it in. 

I hope you enjoy my images and the quiet documentation of my journey through photography.

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